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SOCIAL events

Season Launch

Held at the home of rugby, Tantallon Oval, the season launch is a chance to introduce ourselves to new players, catch up with teammates and sink a few beers* before pre-season kicks off. 

*Beers will still be sunk throughout the season.

Ladies day

Bring your wife, bring your girlfriend, bring your mum and all her lady friends. Ladies day is all about the ladies so let's treat them as such!

Girls eat and drink for free while they watch their fellas play a game of footy, and let's not forget about the ladies versus gents boat race.

Poker night

Hardly high stakes but a lot of fun all the same. Once a year the boys get together for a Texas Hold 'em tournament with cash prizes and the potential to attain eternal glory.

Bus trip

Jump on the team bus for the furthest away game. It's all business on the way there and nothing but chaos on the way back. A staple initiation event for any new player and a night you'll never forget!

Kangaroo Court

Held in the sheds after the first and last home matches of the season. Players are prosecuted for their heinous crimes committed on and off the field.

Presentation night

The big post-season event. The night where we celebrate the club's achievements and recognise the contributions of individuals. 

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